The operation of Aerosol
Movie operation Aerosol


Aerosol fire fighting at the source

Our Tsinghua aerosol fire extinguishing systems and fire extinguishers ( Firebusters & Cleansols )
use a new,environmentally friendly technology in the field of fire fighting. 
Which is the result of many years research and development in aerospace.

Aerosol is a colloidal mixture of a substance into a gas. Colloidal is the State of substances
contained in a liquid or gas are finely divided, where the particles are larger than a molecule
and smaller than those in suspension.

Suspension is a State, which is in a liquid or gas and another substance is here in very small
particles floating. In this is aerosol dry suspended solids that are initially acts like a turbulent
white smoke.This fabric remains swirl as long as there are large temperature differences
are within a space.

The extinguishing mechanism is as follows: after activation of the fixed fire-extinguishing medium
is dry aerosol ejected. The dry aerosol extinguishes chemically, by intervening in the chain reaction
of the combustion process to bind by the free radicals.
To bind by the free radicals will prevent the free electrons in the outer shell of the substance
can react with other substances, causing the combustion process is stopped. Find both actions
mainly takes place at the surface of the particles in the dry aerosol micro format. The smaller
the particles the more effective the mechanism works.

Example of a fire test with our dry aerosol


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