Firebusters Types
Movie Firebuster & Cleansol

   CARTRIDGE FIREBURSTER                                               



A new type of extinguisher for fire starting:

-flame in the pan
-easy for car
-for your camper
-for your caravan
-for your ship (for engine rooms we have automatic systems)
-in house
-for your second home etc.
-No annual control fire-extinguishing medium.  

Attractive design, easy to operate.

With an included holder it can easily be mounted.He can be extinguished with it continuously for 11 seconds.

That is 2 or 3 times as long as other small extinguishers.

Length:      35.5 cm
Diameter:       3 cm
Weight:       250 Gr
Lifespan:       10 till 15 years
Warranty:        5 years


 example for car                                        film test 8B class