Green logo

Market research combined with the wishes of our distributors and consumers indicated that the profiling of our products did not completely covered the 'green' identity.
The advice of an advertising agency is to give the modified products a correct and 'green' identity, namely: Flamblocker®


Dutch Top quality on ecological basis at a competitive price.

Our GREEN logo:

Harmless to humans, animals and the environment!


All flamblocker products are human- and environmentally friendly ánd 100% biodegradable



The recognizable names of our green products are:

  • Flamblocker Automatic®: MABO
  • Flamblocker Extinguisher Grenade®: MAB
  • Flamblocker Prevention Spray®: Flamblocker Impregnate Spray
  • Flamblocker Extinguisher Spray®: Fire Delete
  • Flamblocker Oil and Grease Extinguisher®: O-mark
  • Flamblocker Extinguisher Liquid®: MAR1
  • Flamblocker Fire Brigade Liquid®: MAR2
  • Flamblocker Special Extinguisher Spray®: MP Special