Flamblocker Automatic
Flamblocker Flamauto
Flamblocker Grenade
Flambl. Extinguisherliquid(MAR)
Flambl. Oil & grease Ext.
Flambl. Exting.Spray (Fire Delete)
Flambl. MP-Special spray
Flamblocker Prevention Spray


Flamblocker automatic is a high-quality fire extinguishing product based on a unique non-hazardous liquid, packed in a special bottle that automatically breaks (without interference from persons) at the beginning of a fire. 
Years of specialist knowledge and experience have been combined into an unrivaled powerful formula in a 580 ml extinction grenade, which will extinguish a fire within seconds.

Accepted for commercial vessels by:

For Advice and handling for the professional / commercial vessels market you can send a email to: rep@moltech-europe.nl

Very effective

  • Extinguish immediately and completely
  • Prevents re-ignition
  • Immediately at a a starting fire, the special liquid responds to the temparature and at 84  the bottle opens and the liquid is dispersed.

Flamblocker automatic is an ecological product, harmless for humans, animals and the environment

  • Tested and approved according to the requirements and criteria of the CE 67/548/EEC
  • Suitable for use in closed and semi-open space

Suitable for fire classes: 

  • One automatic by 10 to 14 m3 closed or semi-open space
  • Do not cause short circuits to devices under voltage
  • Storage and use at ambient temparatures from -20 ℃ to + 70 ℃

Extinguishing performance

  • Strong temperature drop, choking of the fire and negative catalysis
  • Controls the evaporation and works flame retardant (prevents reburn)

Economically beneficial effects

  • No side effects during and after extinguishing
  • Easy to assemble
  • Quick and easy to reach for everyone
  • Does not require technical knowledge and experience
  • Maintenance free
  • Life span minimum 10 years

 Attractive design: small size and light weight

  • Including holder 37,7 x 11,2 x 9 cm, total weight: 1,2 kg (2,64 lb), 580 ml.


Areas of application: wherever people's lives and goods must be protected

  • Industry: powerstations, controlrooms, factories, workshops, offices, refineries, telephonestations, transformerhouses, gas stations, offshore platforms etc.
  • Transport: cruise ships, yachts, caravans etc.
  • Buildings: homes, hobby spaces, garages, business spaces, hotels, restaurants, shops, chalets, recreational homes, etc.