Flamblocker Automatic
Flamblocker Flamauto
Flamblocker Grenade
Flambl. Extinguisherliquid(MAR)
Flambl. Oil & grease Ext.
Flambl. Exting.Spray (Fire Delete)
Flambl. MP-Special spray
Flamblocker Prevention Spray

Check out our products that can be used for many applications.
Main mission of us is to have a save escape route by a fire.

The applications are endless to mention. Some examples:

  • Engine spaces of ships (both private and occupational ships)
  • Motor spaces of: cars, lorries, city buses, coaches
  • Passengers and cargo spaces of cars, lorries, city buses and coaches
  • Windturbines
  • Offshore industry
  • Machines
  • Computer spaces and data centers
  • Hospital equipment
  • Business premises
  • Mobile homes
  • Houses
  • Recreation/holiday homes



Afbeeldingsresultaat voor MABO flamark   
Flamblocker Automatic (MABO)                        Flamblocker Extinguisher Grenade (MAB)


                                       NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW



                                                  Flamblocker Automatic Flamauto



Mab     Afbeeldingsresultaat voor flamark MAR 2
Flamblocker Extinguisher Liquid (MAR1)         Flamblocker Fire Brigade Liquid (MAR2)




Flamblocker oil and grease Extinguisher         Flamblocker Extinguisherspray   
(O-MARK)                                                                  (FIRE DELETE)