The operation of Aerosol
Movie operation Aerosol

Fire-extinguishing principle:

The principle is similar to that of Halon that is to say it works volumetric. This means that in case of fire, the space is filled with a small amount of Aerosol, which blocks the combustion reaction. 

Aerösol extinguishing system is environmentally friendly, it presents no risk to the ozone layer, does not lead to increase the pressure in the space, and, very important for humans and animals, has no effect on the remaining oxygen displacement. The base of this extinguishing agent is formed by solids with a high activation energy, that are bound under normal atmospheric conditions.

Because it works on the basis of fixed extinguishing system materials, it also has another effect to extinguish at the surface of the material. This leads to a rapid extinction of the flames. The particles have a very stable character and continue approximately 30 to 60 minutes working, provided that there is no large air travel or tour. This feature, combined with the temperature decrease, which occurs in applying these means, means, that reduces the chance of re-ignition strongly. 


the aerosol systems have been using it for A, B, C and F burn. And to use both at beginning and in advanced burn. The active components in the extinguishing agent are even more effective at higher temperatures than at lower temperatures, so also a fully developed fire fast, often even within 3 minutes, can be extinguished.

The systems can be easily installed and linked on very so that larger areas can be protected. In this way are spaces of more than 500 m 3.The systems operate on the basis of a safe low voltage (24V), leaving very many elements can be switched (up to 60 pieces per group), without overloading the electrical circuit.

In comparison with extinguishers like water and sprinkler installations are chosen by our systems like for example museums and collectors of old books and rare documents, because after activation of the system only very light cleaning activities are required and there is no catastrophic collateral damage occurs, such as when using contaminated fire extinguishing water .Consider the impact on lower floors.

Although we recommend exclusively our product for use in a confined space, because then the operation is optimal, are also in the public space applications found. So recently the entire basic Brenner tunnel by our product is protected against fire.

There are also ready-made systems and even if widely applied, for securing your precious e.g. engines. coaches and yachts